rUFt distribution

rUFt ASA ID: 715627769

UpsideFinance has minted 40 million rUFt (reward tokens) as a means to reward the participation of our community in supporting and expanding the platform.

The following chart illustrates the token distribution. A majority of the tokens (20.13 million) have been allocated for NFT holders (details to be released soon) who directly support the platform by purchasing them. Marketing and Token Distribution lotteries have been allocated 9.87 million and 10 million respectively. Refer to the details below for further explanation.

rUFt token distribution

What is the use of rUFts?

rUFts are a utility token used to gain an edge in the lossless lotteries. Please refer to the article linked below-

rUFt distribution for Marketing

rUFts would be distributed to UpsideFinance’s active community members. These include initial contributors like the “Blue button holders” on our discord server, app testers, and other content creators and distributors.

To keep a transparent reward mechanism, the team has allocated the following rewards (subject to change):

  • Blue button holders: 10 rUFt (one time reward)
  • App testers (alpha and beta versions): 10 rUFt (one time reward per app version)
  • Tweets with @upsidefi_io mentions: 1.5 rUFt (limited to 1 reward/day)
  • Memes on Discord: 1.5 rUFt (limited to 1 reward/day)

We may also distribute the rewards via contests and promotional periods, some of which may be exclusive to our NFT holders.

rUFt distribution curve for NFT token holders

The details of the NFT sale have not been made public yet. Follow our twitter @upsidefi_io and join our discord to stay updated.

NFT token holders have been allocated about 50% of the total rUFt supply. Each NFT holder would be airdropped rUFts from day-1 up until day-1095 (3yr period) with the rate of distribution curve formula-

The total number of tokens distributed to each NFT holder over a period of 3yrs (1095 days) can be calculated with the following formula-

The graph for accumulated rUFts per day can be derived from the formula as below:

Graph for accumulated rUFts per day by each NFT holder

rUFt distribution for participation in Token Distribution Lotteries

Participants of the token distribution lotteries or any other special lotteries would be awarded rUFt tokens. Details for this would be released at a later date.



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