Product update: Alpha launch

1 min readOct 5, 2022

UpsideFinance is pleased to announce the Alpha launch of our app. The first iteration of the product will be available temporarily as a web app and soon as a native iOS and Android app to our testers.

At the time of this publication, UpsideFinance has integrated Tinyman and Pact. The app allows users to track their investments across both these platforms.

“As more users are onboarded into DeFi, a transparent and secure trading platform becomes more critical than ever. UpsideFinance’s integration with Tinyman & Pact is crucial to allow users to tap into the obvious benefits of the Algorand and DeFi services. We are excited to utilise Tinyman & Pact’s impressive technologies and collaborate with their talented teams.” — Tejas, CEO of UpsideFinance.

As our alpha undergoes rapid testing and iteration, several more platforms on Algorand would be integrated with the product and users will also experience an improvement in functionality and features.

Access to alpha is available to those who have signed up on our website