Making DeFi simpler

3 min readSep 29, 2022

We’ve moved towards building a DeFi dashboard and portfolio tracker for Algorand’s DeFi ecosystem. We also plan on expanding to other blockchains as the product matures.

So what problem does our product solve?

The DeFi Aggregator

An aggregator is something that collects things. A DeFi aggregator is an application that collects trades across various DeFi (decentralised finance) platforms and brings it all together in a single place.

Let’s say that you, the reader, are someone who has experience in one of the popular blockchain DeFi ecosystems like Ethereum. You decide that you want to explore Algorand as you’ve heard so much about it. So you create an Algorand wallet, get some funds in it, and start looking for places to invest. AlgoFi, Tinyman, Folks Finance, PactFi, Humble Swap are some of the popular apps to on Algorand that’ll help you achieve this. With so many options, you end up hopping between browser tabs trying to compare the platforms their offerings.

Lots of DeFi apps!

Now imagine that instead of having all those browser windows and tabs, mental notes and maybe even a spreadsheet or two, all you can have is a single app that helps you compare, and in some cases even recommend the best place to invest. This is what a DeFi aggregator is.

Our DeFi aggregator gives you a streamlined experience while engaging in DeFi so you save both- your sanity and your time.

This is also part of what UpsideFinance is building. How convenient, right?

UpsideFinance- The product we all deserve

The Portfolio Tracker

A few weeks later, you’ve become comfortable investing in the Algorand ecosystem. But now there’s a new problem- profits, losses, impermanent losses are just some of the things you struggle keeping a track of. What’s more? You also cannot remember where that 100 USDC was invested- was it on AlgoFi, Folks Finance or some other app? And so you keep hunting to track down your precious wealth.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track all your investments, including profits, losses, impermanent losses, all over a period of time in a single place?

What if this could be combined with that aggregator app from before? Well, that brings us to the portfolio tracker part of our app.

UpsideFinance is a DeFi dashboard (aggregator with added benefits!) and portfolio tracker, all in a single app.

UpsideFinance is the only app you’ll ever need!

Cryptocurrencies in general can get volatile. Interest rates and your net worth can change drastically at any moment. This is why we’re developing UpsideFinance as a mobile application. So now you can track, manage and invest in DeFi on the go.

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