Gil NFTs

2 min readOct 3, 2022

UpsideFinance is pleased to announce the minting of the first batch of Gil Space NFTs. Gils were first introduced as part of our lossless lottery rewards and GIL0001 and GIL0002 were minted to reward the first two winners of our beta testing. The new series starts with unit names from GIL0003.

The Gil in this series wears 3 unique space suits, 3 helmets in various shapes, has various electronic equipments around her, and has either a smooth or rugged planetary surface. The space suits are all white in colour with patches of black and bright orange so that she can be easily spotted in the dark abyss of space.

She is also a fan of retro electronics; so don’t be surprised to see some CRT screens, vintage cameras, and maybe some retro-futuristic tech.


Gil NFTs will grant the wallets lifetime access to premium features such as lower transaction fees, support for more than 2 wallets, and more on UpsideFinance’s app.

The NFTs are minted by UpsideFinance’s Algorand wallet- UPSIDE….M3OEZE

Who is Gil?

Gil (she/her), short for Gilhari, is UpsideFinance’s mascot. She is a squirrel who likes to save and grow her crypto. Her presence as an NFT in your crypto wallet brings you luck and reminds you to save and spend thoughtfully. Gil loves to travel and explore places and planets, spreading her energy far and wide. The NFTs are snaps of her from her travels.

Gils may be found listed on Rand Gallery here. The NFTs will soon be listed for sale.