Alpha app: Create a pool and participate in lossless lotteries

3 min readFeb 21, 2022

Our first iteration of the app is active on our website We’ve received overwhelming feedback for it on our Discord. As it is an unfinished, unrefined version, our community suggested that we provide some guidance on how to use the app.

So following are the steps on using the app:

  1. Visit the website and click on Alpha App.
landing page

2. Read the notice carefully. and enter the app. Although the app is usable on mobile devices, we recommend using a desktop browser.

instructions page

3. Click on the wallet icon on the top right corner to connect your wallet. Currently only MyAlgo wallet is supported.

app page (lossless lotteries)

4. If you wish to participate in an existing lottery pool, click on Deposit. Make sure you have the relevant test tokens in order to participate. I.e if you wish to participate in a GEO pool, make sure you have the GEO testnet tokens in your wallet.

Most people may not have testnet tokens. Hence our community is offering airdrops of UFct testnet tokens on our Discord.

deposit module

5. If you wish to create your won lossless lottery, click on Add Pool in the top right corner.

app page (lossless lotteries)

6. On this lottery form page, enter the testnet token ID to find the token. The ID for UFct token is 71286561. If you wish to add other testnet token, make sure you can find it on AlgoExplorer’s assets page first.

lottery form page

7. Once you enter the token ID and click on Find Token, the form will expand to reveal the fields required to create the lossless lottery pool (give it a couple of seconds to process). This will not happen if the testnet token ID is invalid.

lossless lottery form

8. For now, the lossless lottery is a token distribution mechanism. Hence, the tokens from your wallet would used for distribution to the winner. Please make sure you have enough wallet balance to create the pool. Once the form is filled, click on Submit.

submit form button

9. You will be redirected to the app page and should now see the pool that you’ve just created there. Invite your friends to participate in the lossless lottery and provide us feedback!